A few questions about me and my life to help you get to know me better.

Today I’ll answer a few questions about myself so you can get to know me better.

What is my most important policy in life?

The most important thing for me is to be true to myself no matter what. My parents always said that I should treat others the way I wanted to be treated and be kind no matter what.

What accomplishment am I most proud of?

I’m probably most proud of my marathons. I’ve run for the last 20 years, and I’ve probably run more than 50 marathons and 15 to 20 ultra marathons.

“What’s not to love about life and its ups and downs?”

What do I love most about my job?

I love that I get to meet amazing people on a daily basis and help them with some of the most important decisions in their life. I get to make the buying and selling process as easy as possible for people.

What’s my superpower?

Life is my superpower. What’s not to love about life and its ups and downs?

How do I destress? 

I love to run and read. My favorite books are murder mysteries, romcoms, and anything else I can get my hand on. 

What is your favorite beach?

I live in the west side of Los Angeles so my favorite beaches are obviously Santa Monica, Malibu, and Venice. Out of those three, I probably prefer Malibu Beach a bit more.

You just learned a little more about me, but I’d love to learn more about you too. Call, text, or email me! I’d love to sit down over coffee and chat.